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“Nexla makes sharing data between companies, in any format, really easy.” 
Brandon Leonardo
Customer Story
“We were able to take a lengthy 3-month engagement and onboarding period for data integrations and cut it down to 1.5 months with Nexla.”
Xun Wang
Customer Story
“With Nexla, we are able to query data in a much more scalable and manageable perspective, increasing our insights delivery efficiency by 10X.”
Kyle Martin
Head of Data Management & Analytics Platform
Customer Story
“For partners with unique or unusual requirements, Nexla has helped reduce our launch time by one to two months.”
Elliot Schmukler
Vice President, Product
“With Nexla, we’ve been able to ensure that the equipment stays operational. Should we lose that capacity, we would definitely see an impact in our revenue stream by a full percentage point.”
Chris Farrier
Director of Finance
“I believe that the savings that Nexla has given us by eliminating 3 to 4 other integration tools has reduced the integration budget by 50%-60% across all applications.”
Chris LaFaire
“The turnaround time for data delivery is reduced by 85%. That makes all the difference in the world.”
Martez Cox
BI Manager
“We’ve been able to save about 60% of the time that we would have spent on integrations. It has had a big impact on our business and our efficiency.”
Ryan Polley

Explore Nexla’s Data Integration Capabilities

Data Flows
Data Products
Bi-Directional Connectors
Change Data Capture (CDC)

Create no-code workflows for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to orchestrate a comprehensive AI-assisted flow, enabling you to bring any data to any vector database. Seamlessly integrate both unstructured and structured data, and build no-code RAG workflows with the LLM of your choice.

Create fully customizable bi-directional data flows to get data from Point A to Point B, C, D, and more in minutes. Our self-service, low-code/no-code platform allows users to automate data flows and access up-to-date information effortlessly. Enhanced data governance and access controls ensure secure, efficient data usage without the need for extra authentication layers.

Experience self-service data preparation and track sources, pipelines, transformations, and lineage without coding. Our no code/low code interface ensures reliable, fast data operations, and automated data sampling and characteristics make finding the right data effortless.

Comprehensive monitoring, notifications, error management, lineage, and operation of development and production of pipelines. Nexla automatically applies smart validations and lets you create custom ones using our data validator engine. With continuously learning the data characteristics and personalized alerts, errors are quickly detected and quarantined. Gain full control over error management without disrupting your operations.

Nexsets turn raw data into human-understandable representations, enabling faster transformation and integration. These logical entities provide a consistent interface regardless of data schema, format, or velocity. Automatically generated and continuously updated, Nexsets are organized with schema, samples, descriptions, and annotations, making data easily shareable and ready to use.

Nexla’s configurable, auto-generated connectors enable seamless integration with any data system in hours, not days. Our bi-directional connectors allow data flow between files, databases, APIs, streams, and warehouses, making Nexla the only solution that can go from zero to production in as little as 24 hours.

Change Data Capture (CDC) for databases, warehouses, lakes, APIs, and more, pushing every source system change to your downstream data destinations in real-time. Our flexible integration patterns and advanced validation tools ensure your data flows are complete, up-to-date, and secure, accommodating any speed from batch pulls to real-time streams.

Achieve complete record-level data lineage to effortlessly trace and troubleshoot issues down to the source. This comprehensive visibility allows you to pinpoint problems with any record, ensuring data accuracy and integrity throughout your processes.

Metadata Driven Integration to Deliver Scalability, Efficiency, & Agility


Integrate and deliver any data, at any speed, in any style, connecting to any source/destination.

Built for Data Operations

Comprehensive monitoring, notifications, error management, lineage, and operation of dev and production of pipelines.


Appeals to both pro-code and no-code users for cross-functional collaboration.

Nexla Moves Ready-to-use Data to Destinations

Accelerate access to actionable data, reduce, engineering
backlog and boost productivity

5X Reduction in 
Data Engineering Costs
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Reduce data engineering costs with accelerated development cycles and significantly decreased maintenance workload. Get up to a fivefold reduction in data engineering maintenance efforts, allowing your team to focus on innovation and efficiency.

2x Improvement in Data Agility
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Streamline your data processes to quickly transform raw data into actionable insights. By optimizing data workflows, you can enhance responsiveness to business needs, This not only speeds up decision-making but also allows for more frequent and efficient iterations of data products, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

10x Increase in Data Delivery Efficiency
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Streamline data operations to significantly reduce costs by automating the movement, provisioning, and preparation of data. This enables data users to access ready-to-use data from internal and third-party sources without requiring additional engineering resources.

Data Integration Solutions for All Your Data Initiatives

Data Fabric
Data Mesh
Data Products
Data Replication
Data Share

Nexla’s data fabric simplifies and unifies data management across on-premises and cloud systems, providing consistent data services and capabilities across all endpoints. This architecture is essential for modern digital transformation, offering accessibility control, data visibility, and automation. By leveraging metadata inference, Nexla’s data fabric streamlines data product creation and management, making it a cornerstone for efficient data operations.

Nexla’s Data Mesh empowers organizations to manage data as a product, ensuring seamless interoperability across various systems. With Nexsets, data is consistently organized and easily shareable, enabling domain-driven management and collaboration. Nexla’s continuous intelligence and automated data flows enhance data quality and governance, providing a robust, scalable data infrastructure.

Faster Business Outcomes with Ready-to-Use Data. Nexla’s Data Products empower businesses with seamless integration and transformation of diverse data sources, fostering insights and innovation. With Nexla’s comprehensive suite, organizations can effortlessly harness the power of their data to drive informed decisions and achieve operational excellence.

Experience enterprise-scale replication data flows for any use case with Nexla. Build powerful replication data flows effortlessly, then seamlessly scale and automate them to enterprise and production levels using Nexla’s auto-scaling pipelines and collaborative, no/low-code tools. With Nexla, unleash the full potential of your data replication processes with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Effortlessly send data to your customers or partners. Easily package and customize data to be sent as a file, published as an API, or delivered to a Data Exchange. Experience faster partner onboarding with universal connectors and simple no-code tools, saving time, money, and resources while leveraging data from entire ecosystems for informed decision-making and business growth.