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“Nexla makes sharing data between companies, in any format, really easy.” 
Brandon Leonardo
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“We were able to take a lengthy 3-month engagement and onboarding period for data integrations and cut it down to 1.5 months with Nexla.”
Xun Wang
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“With Nexla, we are able to query data in a much more scalable and manageable perspective, increasing our insights delivery efficiency by 10X.”
Kyle Martin
Head of Data Management & Analytics Platform
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Nexla has pioneered an automated approach that transforms complex data and metadata into refined Data Products, aka Nexsets – the backbone of our unified data platform. Nexsets power all-in-one Data Integration complete with discovery, sharing, and transformation to deliver readily accessible data that fuels informed decisions and AI applications throughout an organization.

Elevating Data Integration to Drive Innovation

Analytics / BI

Leveraging integrated data to drive insights and inform business decisions.

Operational / Apps

Enhancing operational efficiency and app functionality with unified data.

Generative AI / LLMs

Feeding data into vector databases to deploy generative AI use cases and train LLMs.

Data Science / Models

Enabling robust predictive models and analysis through comprehensive data aggregation.

Data Sharing / Exchange

Streamlining the secure exchange of data across systems and stakeholders.

Data Engineering / ETL

Facilitating the preparation and management of data from multiple sources for analysis.

Accelerate access to actionable data, reduce, engineering backlog and boost productivity

Complete Data Management

All-in-one Integration, Transformation, and Monitoring on a single pane. Powered by bi-directional connectors and multi-speed data flow. The result, a converged integration solution for ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, App Integration, Streaming, and Data APIs.

Collaborate with Data Products

Take our auto-generated Data Products, then drag-drop lookups, transforms, filters, validations, and more to shape your own Data Products. Use these ready-to-use Data Products anywhere or create a Private Marketplace to share with your team.

No-code, Low-code and Pro-code

Data is everyone’s business and one-size can’t fit all. No-code UI for the everyday user. API, SDK, and CLI for the engineers. Low code modules for everyone in between. When the teams come together the enterprises become ready to scale.


Advanced Architecture, Superior Results

Behind Nexla’s powerful tools is its core built on a Data Fabric Architecture powered by continuous metadata intelligence. It lays the foundation for auto-generated connectors. The intelligence layer synthesizes active, inferred, and system metadata into a semantic layer that helps generate powerful logical data products we call Nexsets. These Nexsets give a consistent interface to data give converged capabilities for data integration, preparation, monitoring, lineage and more across all data systems.

What Can You Do with Nexla?

Just about anything.


Easily integrate any data from anywhere.


Transform any data into ready-to-use data.


Share or receive data from anyone in any format.


Get intelligent alerts and notifications for any data flows.

Data APIs

Simplify API access to any data from any app.

Supercharge your data operations today!

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