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Reliable, consistent, and trusted data products in the hands of every user, in the applications they use.

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One Powerful Platform. All Your Data Operations.

It’s never been easier to create and run high-performance, automated data operations for your company. With our Data Product approach anyone can discover, integrate, transform, deliver, and monitor all data, regardless of format and velocity –  batch, streaming, real-time.

Automated Connectors and Data Products

No code, no wait. We start at connectors that auto-generate from configuration, and end with ready-to-use data products that bring data into the application you use in a format you need.

Data Engineering,

Unifying integration, preparation, and monitoring whether you need ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, API Integration, or Streaming. CLI, SDK, and API for developers. No-code for everyone else.

A Complete Data Mesh Builder’s Kit

Yes, it is possible. Deliver the power of data into the hands of every user. Put together our Data Products, our no-code interface, and built- in governance to get a head start in building your Data Mesh.

Customer Success

Matching Instacart’s Need for Speed

With Nexla’s powerful DataOps program, Instacart is seamlessly collecting and exchanging data with a fast-expanding list of retail partners, each with its own data infrastructure. The result: New partnerships are launching one to two months faster than before.

Poshmark Logo

Faster Data Delivery, Faster Insights

Rapidly turning data into decisions is critical for social fashion marketplace Poshmark. Nexla’s flexible and scalable solution enables Poshmark to automate its data delivery process and provide ready-to-use data to users across the organization—without spending additional engineering resources.

Kargo users get easy access to ready-to-use data

Campaign managers at Kargo need up-to-the-minute performance data to optimize their mobile ad campaigns. The Nexla platform replaced inefficient systems and reduced the turnaround time for data delivery by 85%. With easy access to ready-to-use data, users are now empowered to make timely decisions and maintain high campaign ROI.

Delivering a Smarter Data Strategy with Data Fabric Architecture

Nexla automatically creates data as a product with Data Fabric Architecture powered by continuous metadata intelligence. These logical data products are represented as Nexsets, which make the data easier to use and consume. Users can then find, access, integrate, transform, and share these Nexsets on their own to serve any data use-case.

What Can You Do with Nexla?

Just about anything.


Easily integrate any data from anywhere.


Transform any data into ready-to-use data.


Share or receive data from anyone in any format.


Get intelligent alerts and notifications for any data flows.

Data APIs

Simplify API access to any data from any app.

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