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  • Overview

    Your at-a-glance section to get information about all your dataflows and data, including any errors and alerts that need your attention, usage stats, and links to Nexla documentation and guides.

  • Integrate

    This section is the hub for creating and modifying data flows. Easily ingest, transform, and send data from anywhere to anywhere, all in one place.

  • Discover

    Here, users can find all accessible Nexsets. Nexsets are now searchable, giving users a quick and efficient way to find and use any needed data.

  • Collaborate

    The Nexla platform provides granular access controls for every data flow and component. Now, the Collaborate section makes understanding and managing these accesses simple. Here they can ask questions like “Why does a user have collaborator access to my Flows?”

  • Monitor

    All of Nexla’s robust monitoring information and functions can be accessed in this section. Users can complete any troubleshooting or governance task directly within the screens available in the Monitor section. With a dedicated section for adding more insights, we have also added more visualizations into platform usage.

  • Settings

    From SSO to organization-wide notification and 3rd-party integration settings, Nexla provides a lot of powerful features for organization administrators. This section is the hub for all those account and organization management information and settings.

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