Data Exchange Solutions

Unleash the Value of Data Sharing

Exchange Data from Anywhere to Anywhere

A modern data exchange gives users the flexibility to seed data from anywhere in any format. Bring data in any format and have it ready to deliver to anywhere in any format.

Faster Onboarding for Partners

For private or public exchanges, faster onboarding is a competitive advantage that saves time, money, and resources. Universal connectors and simple no-code tools enable onboarding in a fraction of the time.

Leverage Data from Entire Ecosystems

By removing friction and making it easier to build bridges between data senders and receivers, companies can leverage data from partners, customers, and SaaS services, as well as private and public data.

Any-to-Any Data

Nexla has 200+ self-service connectors including Snowflake, Redshift, BiQuery, S3, SQL Server, Mysql, Data APIs, public data, Data Streams, Webhooks, SaaS services such as Salesforce, Intuit, Hubspot, and many more. There’s also a UI-based configurator to add anything you like without code.

A comprehensive selection of data destinations gives you the flexibility to get data in a BI tool, an API, a Jupyter notebook, a data warehouse, as a real-time feed, or any other way you may use. Get the data you need in the way that you need it.

Intelligent Error Management, Automatic Retries

Nexla detects errors at each stage from data ingestion to processing to output. Error records are quarantined and available for debugging or reprocessing. Recoverable errors are automatically retried and no error will stall data processing. This creates highly resilient pipelines that can solve issues and keep working no matter what.

Collaborate with Everyone

Unlocking data value is a team sport, so modern data exchanges must be collaborative by design. That means having role-based data access to only the required data, easy monitoring, and the ability to comment, interact and converse around datasets.

Enterprise-Grade Governance and Security

End-to-end data encryption, secure data products to manage PII and sensitive data, and strong permission controls ensure compliance and peace of mind.

Data Exchange with Nexla

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