Future-proof Asset Management Data Integration for Faster Insights

Transform any data source into production-ready data.

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Asset Management teams use Nexla to simplify complex data integration processes, remove bottlenecks, and expedite delivery of ready-to-use data.


Get first to market insights

Deliver GenAI capabilities fueled by enterprise data to gain first-to-market insights fast.


Connect to any vector database

Seamlessly connect to any vector database, enabling continuous data flow in any direction.


Enrich models and prompt engineering

Enhance your models and prompt engineering by seamlessly integrating both structured and unstructured data, in any schema or format.

 Elevate Asset Management with Enterprise-Grade Data Integration

Process Unstructured Data
Efficiently Review Reports
Analyst Report Insights
Secure Document Management

Seamlessly Process Unstructured Data: Leverage large language models to effortlessly handle unstructured data in a privacy-safe way, all with just 5 clicks.

Efficiently Review Financial Reports: Quickly analyze 10K and 10Q reports while ensuring privacy and security, simplifying your financial data management.

Accelerate Insights from Analyst Reports: Gain rapid insights from analyst reports with the power of large language models, maintaining data privacy and integrity.

Securely Manage Documents: Easily process private documents on SharePoint and OneDrive with large language models, ensuring secure and efficient data handling.

Data Variety

From financial services data formats like SWIFT and BAI, to open formats like CSV, XML, Parquet, Delta and Fixed Width, Nexla handles 30+ data formats bidirectionally with hooks to add your custom parser.

Legacy Systems

Outdated legacy systems can hinder progress and create unnecessary roadblocks. Nexla streamlines data integration with legacy systems, bridging the gap between old and new seamlessly.

Data Timeliness

Missing or invalid data can cause delays and losses to the business. Nexla’s real-time data processing capabilities ensures rapid data delivery, minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

Data Fragmentation

Nexla consolidates fragmented data streams, providing a unified view for streamlined operations and enhanced decision-making.

Data Integration Leader Series

How Clearwater Analytics Delivered a Custom Investing AI Chatbot for their Investment Clients

Listen in on how Darrel Cherry, Distinguished Engineer at Clearwater Analytics, used Nexla to build a custom LLM chatbot for clients to ask questions and learn about their investing strategy.

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