Enrich Generative AI Applications with Private Enterprise Data

Accelerate your AI roadmap by enhancing any foundational LLM, like GPT, LaMDA, or Falcon, with structured & unstructured data in a few simple steps

Generative AI Solution for Unstructured Data

Enrich models & prompt engineering

With any unstructured data, in any schema or format

Connect to any vector database

Continuously flow data in any direction

Get first-to-market insights

Be first to deliver GenAI capabilities fueled by enterprise data

Skip building your own expensive model

Improve off-the-shelf LLM by tapping into organizational data to build custom applications for:

  • Finance & accounting
  • Sales & marketing
  • Customer success

Bring any data to any vector database

No structure or code required. Build retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) workflows to orchestrate complete AI-assisted flows.

Ensure high quality results

Accelerate RAG model-tuning to improve response quality and eliminate hallucination using intelligent monitoring and data lineage tools.

Quality Assurance in Model Tuning

Continuously capture LLM learnings

Further validate and enrich business decisions, with automated workflows and delivery back to the model for improvement.

Fine-tune an LLM with Enterprise Data

Watch how Nexla can deliver private, free-text data to a Pinecone vector database. The first step to enhancing OpenAI’s foundational LLM GPT.


Ready to accelerate your Generative AI Roadmap?

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