Enrich Generative AI Applications with Private Enterprise Data

Accelerate your AI roadmap by enhancing any foundational LLM, like GPT, LaMDA, or Falcon, with structured & unstructured data in a few simple steps

Generative AI Solution for Unstructured Data

Enrich models & prompt engineering

With any unstructured data, in any schema or format

Connect to any vector database

Continuously flow data in any direction

Get first-to-market insights

Be first to deliver GenAI capabilities fueled by enterprise data

Skip building your own expensive model

Improve off-the-shelf LLM by tapping into organizational data to build custom applications for:

  • Finance & accounting
  • Sales & marketing
  • Customer success

Bring any data to any vector database

No structure or code required. Build retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) workflows to orchestrate complete AI-assisted flows.

Ensure high quality results

Accelerate RAG model-tuning to improve response quality and eliminate hallucination using intelligent monitoring and data lineage tools.

Quality Assurance in Model Tuning

Create a RAG workflow to continuously capture learnings

Further validate and enrich business decisions, with automated workflows and delivery back to the model for improvement.

Powering Generative AI Experiences for 25% of E-Commerce

Hear how Nexla powers retrieval augmentation to deliver superior e-commerce experiences fueled by Generative AI and proprietary data.

Ready to accelerate your Generative AI Roadmap?

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