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The Most Innovative Companies use Nexla

Data leaders are unlocking the potential of data with Nexla. They are innovating in their industries and achieving excellence in their business by taking the data operations to a whole another level. Learn how companies in Financial Services, Ecommerce, and Retail have become digital leaders with Nexla.

Customer Stories
How a Leading Asset Management Company Scales Data Operations and GenAI
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Smarte Carte Minimizes IoT Analytics Downtime with Nexla
Automating Data Delivery and Monitoring at Poshmark
Marchex Expands Connectivity across Data Systems Using Nexla
Glovo Achieved a 45x Increase in Partner Integration Speed with Nexla
Arcadia Cold Saves 60% in Real-time Inventory Data Delivery Spend
Customer-Centered Data Approach at Bloomreach
How an asset management firm uses Nexla to accelerate data to custodians
Kargo Streamlines Data Operations for Marketing with Nexla
Powering Data Driven Community Management at Poshmark
Automating workflows from emails to data warehouse

The most innovative companies use Nexla

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