Nexla for Analytics

Provide a collaborative and secure method for accessing and using any data throughout the enterprise.

Accelerate time-to-insight and data analytics delivery

Implement a collaborative data integration layer that enables more users to deliver the data they need to deliver insights and make decisions.

Connect Disparate Data Across Systems

Eliminate data silos, knowledge gaps, redundant work, and dependencies among data users. Every data model and flow can be shared, discussed, reused, branched, and modified by anyone regardless of technical skills.

Deliver Data from Anywhere

Enable data users to make use of any internal or third-party data, regardless of its source, format, type, or volume. From streaming, batch or real-time, files and databases to emails, or APIs, Nexla enables analytics with all of your valuable data.

Get a More Complete View of your Data

Universal connectors in Nexla make it possible to connect all your data across systems to central data warehouses for complete 360 analytics, or directly to dashboards and other BI tools

Increase Trust in Decisions Made with Quality Data

Bolster data quality starting from the source to increase trust in the analytics and insights that lead to real business decisions.

Power Accurate and Complete Analytic Insights

Nexla enables more complete and accurate analytics by connecting all the data you need at up to real-time speeds, building trust in the insights you get from your data

Reduce Time-to-Value by Delivering Data Now

Build robust data flows in minutes by just adding system credentials and pointing Nexla to the source and destination systems, reducing time-to-value for your analytics by up to 20X.

Built-In Monitoring, Validations, and Data Operation

Free up data engineering and IT bandwidth with automatic error detection and handling features in Nexla that prevent failures, and make triaging errors easy when they do occur.

Analytical Data Use Cases with Nexla