Nexla for HealthTech

Build Comprehensive and Secure Patient Profiles with Real-time Data

Nexla is the leading data integration platform for HealthTech and Healthcare IT systems and providers

Nexla empowers healthcare systems and providers to integratetransformdeliver, and monitor data from and to any system.

Connect Across HealthTech Systems

Create seamless, real-time data connectivity across operational domains with biomedical data, healthcare reports, and more

Work with Any Data

Work with any kind of data, from medical devices, patient reports, and lab results across time

Integrate in Days

Connect with testing and tracking platforms using no-code integration in days, not weeks.

Data for HealthTech

  • Automate data engineering by enabling anyone to discover, integrate, transform deliver, and monitor data
  • No-code integration with HealthTech APIs
  • Preserve patient privacy and identity easily along the way with tokenization and masking transformations

Work with HL7 FHIR Servers Easily

  • Systematically support FHIR data standards across your data systems and use cases
  • Easily work with data products in Nexla to ensure matching data formats and compliant elements

Nexla Blog: Work with FHIR API Health Data Seamlessly

Work with Biomedical (IoMT) and Healthcare Data (EHR)

  • Connect to both Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to discover new patterns and diagnose faster than ever before
  • Systematically organize and manage huge amounts of data, down to the second or minute
  • Focus on getting results and insights – Nexla handles the rest

Privacy at the Forefront

Nexla’s no-code platform delivers the latest innovations in data technologies – cloud warehouse, data mesh, ELT/ETL/Streaming to transform your ecommerce, online, store operations.

Companies like Bed Bath & Beyond, Poshmark, DoorDash, and Instacart rely on Nexla for their mission-critical data operations.

How can Nexla transform your patient care?

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