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Every job is becoming data-driven.
At Nexla, you will make data ready to use for everyone.

Convert your passion for Data into a career delivering the power of data into the hands of everyone.

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As every job becomes data-driven, how will everyone be able to work with data? Nexla is making that possible by delivering ready-to-use data to everyone in the tools they use – whether a spreadsheet, an application, a database, or an API.

Are you passionate about empowering everyone with data superpowers?

Are you a team player?

Are you among the best at what you do – coding, design, sales, marketing, finance, product? 


Our Core Values

Have empathy
For customers, colleagues, family, and everyone else
Be curious
Ask, innovate, learn, repeat
Be intellectually honest
Never push anything under the rug
Achieve excellence
Don’t just try, get it done!
Remember to relax
It’s a marathon, not a sprint