Nexla for Finance

Next-Level Insight with Security in Mind

Nexla is the leading data integration platform for financial institutions

Nexla empowers financial institutions to integratetransformdeliver, and monitor data from and to any system.

Connect Across Domains

Create seamless, real-time data connectivity across operational domains e.g. Banking, Transactional, Credit, Capital Market, and Insurance Data.

Work with Diverse Datasets

Leverage diverse datasets across your cloud for use cases from risk analytics, fraud detection, KYC, AML, Robo Advisory, Trading, Forecasting, and more with ease

Always Safe and Secure

Retain industry-leading security standards at every step of the way, with SOC2 compliance and on-premise deployment to ensure data never leaves your cloud

Ready to Use Data Across your Organization

  • Whether it risk management, customer experience, or process efficiency, enable every team to work with data in a consistent format, when and where they need it
  • Nexla’s data products, Nexsets, make it easy to visualize and work with data in a consistent format, regardless of file type or source
  • Create more ready-to-use Nexsets without sensitive PII that always have the freshest, most up-to-date data

Security at the Forefront

  • GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 Type II compliance ensure end-to-end data security while hashing transformations and access controls make sure sensitive PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is only seen by the right people
  • All connectors authenticate with TLS 1.2, SSH 2, and IPSec protocols to stop vulnerabilities
  • Monitor flows once they’re set up for errors, with automatic alerts and record level lineage tracking

Unify Customer Data Across Teams

  • Unlock cross and up-sale opportunities with universal connectors to any system that are configured, not coded
  • Control flow speed to prioritize data velocity when you need it
  • Share, join and transform datasets and pipelines to scale teams through collaboration
  • Read how Nexla helps a top multinational investment bank reduce the time to transport customer data from 2 months to 3 days.

How can Nexla unlock the power of your data?

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