Nexla for Operations

Improve operational efficiency with real-time insights, faster

Build Reliable Data Pipelines that Scale with your Business

Set Up Simple, Powerful Data Flows from Any System to Any System for Customer, Partner, and Operational Data Movement

Collaborate Across Functions and Silos

Eliminate data silos, knowledge gaps, redundant work, and dependencies among data users. Every data model and flow can be shared, discussed, reused, branched, and modified by anyone regardless of technical skills.

Scale to Production

Automatically scale to production levels of data to grow with your business. Nexla handles trillions of records per month for large enterprises today

Build Trust in Data Flow Resiliency

Built-in data operations features in Nexla help keep important data flowing, making it easier to fix errors faster

Integrate Data from Multiple Sources in Different Formats

Integrate data from many sources, applications, systems, and databases all in different formats and structures with ease

Verified and Optimized Performance for Any Scale and Volume

Nexla is verified with popular systems to performance, from major cloud providers to popular data warehouse solutions, guaranteeing performance from 1 Gigabyte to 100 Terabytes

Customization When You Need It

Inject custom transformations in Python and Javascript that can be reused, or setup data source rules in custom SQL that automatically query

Built-In Monitoring, Validations, and Data Operation

Free up data engineering and IT bandwidth with automatic error detection and handling features in Nexla that prevent failures, and make triaging errors easy when they do occur

Operational Data Use Cases with Nexla