Data Replication with Nexla

Build Scalable Data Replication Flows

See how Bed Bath & Beyond uses Nexla for rapid data replication into BigQuery

“Nexla makes sharing data between companies, in any format, really easy.” 
Brandon Leonardo
Customer Story
“We were able to take a lengthy 3-month engagement and onboarding period for data integrations and cut it down to 1.5 months with Nexla.”
Xun Wang
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“With Nexla, we are able to query data in a much more scalable and manageable perspective, increasing our insights delivery efficiency by 10X.”
Kyle Martin
Head of Data Management & Analytics Platform
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Efficient and Reliable Data Replication at Scale

Set Up Simple, Powerful Data Replication Flows from Any System to Any System that Scale to Production

Build Replication Data Flows for Any Data System

Nexla connectors are configured, not coded, so they can be added in a fraction of the time of other tools. Unlimited connectors make it possible to build any data flow in Nexla from difficult custom system to standard data warehouses.

Choose Any Replication Interval and Speed

From batch to real-time streaming, Nexla can move data at any speed, unlocking flexibility for the right data velocity for each replication data flow

Enterprise-Scale Replication Data Flows for Any Data Use Case

Build any replication data flow, then scale and automate to enterprise and production scale in Nexla with auto-scaling pipelines and no/low-code collaboration tools for more users

Verified and Optimized Performance for Any Scale

Nexla is verified with popular systems to performance, from major cloud providers to popular data warehouse solutions, guaranteeing performance from 1 Gigabyte to 100 Terabytes

No/Low-Code Setup in Minutes

Build the simplest data replication flows by just adding system credentials and pointing Nexla to the source and destination systems

Customization When You Need It

Inject custom transformations in Python and Javascript that can be reused, or setup data source rules in custom SQL that automatically query

Built-In Monitoring, Validations, and Data Operation

Free up data engineering and IT bandwidth with automatic error detection and handling features in Nexla that prevent replication failures, and make triaging errors easy when they do occur

Replication Data Flows with Nexla