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Data Security: Nexla Awarded ISO27001:2013 Certificate

Nexla is proud to announce that as of May 12, 2022, Nexla has been awarded the International Organization for Standardization 27001 certification for data. This ISO 27001 award is considered the highest standard in information security and meeting the strict requirements takes dedication and rigid compliance to security management standards and best practices.

Nexla is a leading provider of data solutions that automates data-as-a-product and connects data from anywhere to anywhere. By handling all ETL, ELT, Data API, API Integration, or Data as a Service workflows, Nexla speeds up data pipelines and is a no/low-code way to quickly integrate any data in any format from anywhere.

Working with this amount of data comes with security concerns, which is why Nexla has pursued this ISOL20071 certification. “There aren’t many companies in data solutions that have both ISO20071 and SOC2-Type 2 security certifications,” says CEO and Co-Founder Saket Saurabh. “The security of the data we handle is important to us.”

Although Nexla’s mission is to democratize data and make it readily available to the people who need it, this doesn’t mean compromising the security of data. With a number of features including full governance, audit trails, and the ability to set, define and enforce user roles, Nexla makes sure data is secure every step of the way, from input to extraction to delivery.

This certification is a big step forward for Nexla, a company that is focused on unified data solutions. With the rate at which data collection and usage is growing, it is more important than ever to maintain that security even while it is easier than ever for data to slip through the cracks.

Security is one of the core foundations that Nexla is built on and that echoes through every element of the company and the data solutions they offer. “This is a big deal for us,” Saurabh explained. As the company continues to grow, this is an essential and exciting step forward in the process of making data available and easy to access securely.

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