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Integrate Data from Anywhere to your HubSpot CRM System

Marketers are no strangers to working with data. In fact, marketers can work with huge amounts of customer data from lead lists, webinar attendees, event participants, and more. Working with that much data from many sources can quickly become a headache. With Nexla, it’s easy and quick to build all the data flows you need yourself to the CRM system of your choice. In this tutorial we’ll show how to integrate data from a Google Drive, email attachment, CSV file, or anywhere else to Hubspot or Salesforce. Watch the demo in action or read on for each step written out.


Add your Source

Navigate to Flows > Create New Flow in Nexla and click on Create New Source. Select your source of choice. In this demo we’ll be using a specific Google Drive folder.

Apply any Transformations, Validations, or Filters

Click the “Transform” button on the detected dataset in your source. Apply any of Nexla’s prebuilt transformations and add any validations or filters you need. If you’re sending to Hubspot, make sure all your attributes have a “properties.” in front of the title to make them part of a “properties” object.

Send to Destination

Click “Send to Destination” and select your destination. Add credentials with Single Sign-On and click Next. Choose your settings and click Save, then activate your destination.

Data Flows to Hubspot, Nexla Runs Flow Automatically

That’s it! Now that the data flow is set up, continue to upload to the source you set and Nexla will follow all the transformation and validation rules you set to upload customer or deal data into Hubspot or Salesforce.

When it’s this easy to build the data flows you need yourself, your time to insight is greatly reduced and all of the customer data you need is available in Hubspot or Salesforce where you need it, when you need it. Get in touch with our team to request a free demo to try it yourself.

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