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Nexla Now Available in Snowflake Partner Connect

It’s easier than ever to try Nexla with our free trial exclusively for Snowflake users



Nexla is now available directly in Snowflake Partner Connect, making it easier than ever to get started connecting any data in or out of the Snowflake Data Cloud. With a seamless self sign up free trial, Snowflake users can start using Nexla in minutes, and have their data connected in or out of Snowflake. 

Sign Up for the Nexla Free Trial in Snowflake Partner Connect


Nexla is an enterprise-grade data integration platform, converging all integration styles in the market today into one seamless platform that brings collaboration, data operations, and transformations together. With Nexla, customers accelerate Snowflake data projects and easily build scalable data flows to all their systems, no matter where their data is. Today, using 500+ prebuilt connectors Nexla users are able to connect to difficult data systems like SAP, JDEdwards, IBM AS/400, streaming, custom applications, external partner data, Gen AI use cases, and more to their Snowflake environment.

In addition, Nexla also enables building scalable, custom flows to traditional databases, warehouses, and APIs, and more. In one platform, Nexla can build both the difficult and standard data flows in and out of Snowflake:

  • Data Storage: SQL databases, FTP/SFTP servers, file systems, etc.
  • SaaS Applications: CRM systems like Salesforce and Hubspot, Shopify, etc.
  • Business Intelligence: Looker, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.
  • Data Governance and Security: Data Catalogs (Collibra, Alation,, Data Monitoring (DataDog, PagerDuty), etc.
  • Generative AI: Vector databases, LLMs, unstructured free text data, chatbots, etc.

All Nexla data flows bring data products and collaboration to building Snowflake data flows.

Nexla is a Select Tier Snowflake Partner, and a certified Snowflake Ready Technology by Snowflake.

Getting started with Nexla is easy – follow along below to get your trial environment and see what data you can now connect to Snowflake.

1. Log into Snowflake Data Cloud, Navigate to Partner Connect

Log into your Snowflake environment, and navigate to Partner Connect under Data Products.

2. Sign-Up for Nexla Free Trial

Search for “Nexla,” and follow the prompts to register for your free trial.

Once your Nexla account is created, log into the platform for the first time.


3. Build First Data Flow

In Nexla, click on “Integrate” on the left navigation bar, then “Create New Flow.” Now, you can connect to any data system as a source including Snowflake, and build your first data flow.

After adding any source, Nexla will automatically create a data product called a “Nexset”. This data product can now be transformed in Nexla, or sent directly to any data system as a destination, including Snowflake.


For more information on our Snowflake connector and some example tutorials you can follow along, check out these resources:

Nexla Snowflake Overview

Documentation for Snowflake Connector in Nexla

Rapidly Creating Data APIs for Snowflake in Nexla

The Easiest Way to Connect Any Data with Snowflake Data Cloud

With Nexla now offered in Snowflake Partner Connect, you can see firsthand how easy it is to connect any data system to Snowflake Data Cloud. Not on Snowflake yet but want to try Nexla for yourself? Schedule a demo today for a free trial and consultation. 


Unify your data operations today!

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