Data as a Product

Faster Business Outcomes
with Ready-to-Use Data

What is Data as a Product?

Data as a Product is a product that facilitates an end goal through the use of data.

Whether you are working on AI projects or running operations, data products make it easier and faster to consume and manage data.

When you buy your favorite pair of shoes (a product), you expect to get exactly what you need in terms of color and correct size with zero inconveniences. Data products give you the same experience with data. Nexla connects to your data sources – files, databases, APIs, streams, etc., – and automatically generates data products. Data users can discover, create, and even customize these data products before they use them in their favorite tool. Data Analysts can consume their data products in Tableau, while developers can get an API feed to their data products, and business users can have theirs in a Google Sheet. These Data as a Product entities are also a building block for modern data mesh solutions.

Data That is
Ready to Use

Nexla automates time-consuming data engineering tasks such as managing data credentials, integrating data, transforming, and delivering ready-to-use data.

High Quality,
Trustworthy Data

With the right validations, rules, and alerts, only high quality, trustworthy data shows as a product. Data users simply find and use the correct data product.

Between Systems

Make data interoperable between work flows by abstracting away the schema, speed, file type and other tags. Transform data endlessly to deliver customized data products every time.

Work with Data Products, not Raw Data

Data products in Nexla preserve all the richness of raw data but make it much easier to work with.

Simply provide data credentials to automatically get data products. Data products in Nexla are neatly organized by schema, samples, descriptions, annotations, ratings, and more. Easily find the exact data you need, curate it, enrich it, and share with whoever needs it.

Infused with Continuous Intelligence

The data products are auto-generated by a continuous metadata intelligence engine that analyzes data at record-level. The resulting data characteristics and metadata provide a logical view that abstracts the underlying heterogeneity of data and provides a consistent interface regardless of source, format, and velocity.

Nexsets are not a copy of data but a way to look at data organized by schema. Continuous intelligence means you don’t get only a stale, point-in-time view of the schema. Instead, the schema is continuously updated and automatically versioned in Nexla.

Polygot Data Product

Nexla data products have a consistent interface regardless of data source, but they are capable of materializing data into different formats and tools for different stakeholders. This means the same Nexset can materialize data as a data frame for data scientists, as an API for developers, as a DB table for analysts, or as a spreadsheet for a business user.

Data Sharing for Teams Everywhere

Nexsets are shareable. This means that, much like a Google Doc, multiple users and stakeholders can now collaborate on data. Sharing is allowed between individuals, teams, and also across organizations, making data sharing easy.

Learn more about Data Sharing and Exchange in our free ebook.

Create New Data Products in Minutes

Data products in Nexla are auto-generated from the source. Nexla’s no-code UI and low-code Python and Javascript code snippets make it easy to transform, filter, and join data products to create new Data Products.

Nexla lowers the technical barrier so that anyone can create data products.

Data Products: Ready to Use Data

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