Nexla for Snowflake

Integrate Data From Anywhere with Snowflake

Limitless Integration with Snowflake

Get all flavors of integration - ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, API proxy, API integration, and streaming integration in a unified experience.

No/Low Code Transformations

Configure transformation with no code or use snippets of code in any language you like. Save and share transformation logic.

Easy Data Migration for Snowflake

Migrate data to Snowflake from anywhere – applications, databases, warehouses, lakes, APIs, FTP, webhooks, streams, events.

Optimized for Snowflake

Nexla is a Snowflake Select-Tier Technology Partner. Using Nexla can be integrated with Snowflake.

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Universal Connectivity

Nexla’s bi-directional universal connectors mean you can not only easily deliver data from any system into Snowflake but also send Snowflake data to any application, dashboard, or API endpoint. Nexla supports all integration styles in one interface.

Bridge On-Prem and Cloud

Nexla runs seamlessly in public and private cloud, as well as on-premise, bridging data flows in and out of Snowflake, no matter what your data architecture. Easily connect external and internal data across the different silos to support the growing number of analytics users and workloads.

Snowflake for Everyone

Use no-code and low-code tools to easily set up data flows into Snowflake. Empower individual teams with a self-service solution while maintaining reliable governance. Easily scale up to benefit from Snowflake adoption.

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