Data Security with Nexla

Keeping Your Organization Safe and Compliant

by Design

With data encryption at rest, and in motion you get ultimate peace of mind. Every entity in Nexla has fine grained access control – data flows, Nexsets, transforms, credentials, etc.

Seamless Identity & Access Management

Easily integrate with your SAML or OIDC-based single sign-on systems e.g. Okta, Auth0, OneLogin, ID Anywhere, Microsoft Active Directory.

Choice of Private Deployment

Our top-notch cloud security is complemented by option of private installation for our enterprise customers to bring the benefits of Nexla to systems that don’t connect to public internet. 

SOC 2 Type II Compliant

We meet the most stringent standards of security with SOC 2 Type II compliance with the highest security, confidentiality, availability, and privacy controls based on criteria defined by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). 

GDPR Compliance

Nexla is fully compliant with the European Unions’ Global Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Nexla makes no copies of your data as it ingests, processes, and delivers the data to your users and applications.

Advanced Secrets Management

State of the art credential vaulting ensures that data access is always secure. Nexla Enterprise customers benefit from the choice of bringing their own vaulting mechanisms.

Enhanced Privacy

Protect personal identification information (PII) from access using data hashing features. The hashing algorithm is developed considering 256-bit SHA strings to mask sensitive user information from consumers.

Local Data Processing

The choice of running your data processing in a regional infrastructure is entirely yours. All secure mechanisms of connectivity to your internal systems are supported including SSH, VPN, Bastion host.

Continuous Testing + Highest Standards

With continuous containers scans, code scans, and routing penetration tests by independent security experts, we fulfill our commitment to a state of zero-vulnerabilities. 

Connectors Authentication

Each connector on the Nexla platform is individually authenticated using protocols like TLS1.2, SSH-2, and IPSec. All the connectors are monitored by engineers for vulnerabilities to ensure no data leaks happen.  

Managing Nexla Controls

Data controls are always in the hands of users. Nexla doesn’t store any data records, only a part of the data is read and further actions are performed during the flow. Data teams can control access based on user requirements. 

Lineage and Access Control at Every Step

See a complete lineage and access log down to individual records, ensuring private data is only accessible to the right people. Share and revoke access at any time so security doesn’t hold back collaboration.

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