Event Stream Processing Platform

Integrate, Transform, and Deliver Streaming Data Anywhere

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2022 Market Guide for Event Stream Processing

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No-code Stream Transformations

Transform and automatically scale real-time event stream processing with a graphical user interface for all data stakeholders, meeting your needs for real-time data for insights and operations.

Switch between Batch and Streaming

Convert file or batch processes to event streams and vice versa between any sources and destinations such as Kafka, Kinesis, Google Data Flow, and incoming/outgoing webhooks.

Uninterrupted and Secure Data Streams

Configure in-stream data encryption in real-time within a few clicks. Stream data without interruptions and resolve issues on the spot with automatic real-time schema detection and validation.

Connect Streaming Data from Anywhere

Nexla connects to popular event stream processing sources and destinations, including:

  • Kafka
  • Kinesis
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Incoming and outgoing webhooks

Nexla gives you the flexibility to move data between batch and streaming systems. Nexla can connect to file or batch processes and turn them into event streams and vice versa—through a low/no-code, intuitive user interface.


Secure Data Sharing for Event Streams

Nexla makes it easy to control exactly which attributes you send to internal systems or share with external partners.

  • Built-in transformations make it easy to hash or mask PII (personally identifiable information) with a few clicks. All data is transformed in-stream, in real-time.
  • Admins get full visibility into with audit logs and alerts to ensure compliance with data governance requirements.
  • End-to-end data encryption keeps all event stream processing secure.

Powerful In-Stream Monitoring

In-stream monitoring is critical since it means business doesn’t have to stop if a non-breaking schema change is detected. If breaking changes happen, know instantly.

  • Real-time schema detection and validation helps you find issues as they happen in real-time.
  • Questionable records go into quarantine for further evaluation or correction.
  • All event stream processing flows have intelligent automation that alerts users when anomalies occur. Plus, you can configure custom notifications specific to your needs.

Create Data Products from Streaming Data

The Nexla platform can simplify some of the most complex components that are part of every data product via five components.

  • Flexible architecture: Nexla provides a data architecture that can handle real-time streaming data, as well as batch delivery, is essential.
  • Customization & enrichment: Empowering users outside of engineering to customize and enrich data—while maintaining guardrails and controls—can accelerate top-line growth and customer satisfaction.
  • Security: Nexla’s built-in encryption, hashing, and anonymization capabilities operate out-of-the-box. Custom transformations or data processes can be added to and stored in the platform.
  • Monitoring & lineage: Understand completely what data is being ingested, volumes, and record counts. Because the data flows through the Nexla platform, data lineage comes included out of the box.
  • Lifecycle management: Quickly revoke, change, or update user and organization access. Make requested changes through an intuitive UI with access to action logs and versioning.