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Take full advantage of your Google BigQuery investment with automated data engineering to get any data into BigQuery – regardless of source, format, velocity, or structure.

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Connect Across Domains

Create seamless, real-time data connectivity to and from BigQuery for SaaS apps, APIs, databases, file systems, and more.

Use Data from Everywhere

No/low code transformations, validations, and filters in Nexla make it easy to build any kind of flow in or out of BigQuery.

Fresh, Actionable Insights

Connect data at real-time speeds from any source for streaming analytics in BigQuery.

Data integration through Nexla is easy. Integrating with various data sources and destinations is simple, as the UI provides the ability to create the required pipelines in easy way.

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Nexla Achieves Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery Designation

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Bed Bath & Beyond uses Nexla for Rapid Data Replication into BigQuery

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