Data Operations

Scale Your Data Initiatives

Governed Data
at Scale

Self-service for data users doesn’t mean compromise on governance. Our unique approach, powered by Nexsets, provides data users secure, trusted data access throughout the data lifecycle.

Modern, Cloud-Native Architecture

Nexla is SaaS service built on state-of-the-art containerized microservices-based architecture. It fits in perfectly with your on-prem, public cloud, or hybrid cloud enterprise data stack.

Accelerate Your
Data Initiatives

Liberate your data projects from the limitations of point data tools. We make it easy to integrate, prepare, transform, exchange, operationalize, and govern your internal & external data.

Single Sign On

Nexla enables enterprises to manage users using SSO and role-based access control via SAML and OpenID Connect. Role-based access control allows for separation of privileges by user role.

Audit Logs

Nexla provides a robust audit trail that gives admins a detailed record of account activity.

Modern, Cloud-Native Architecture

Nexla is built on state-of-the-art containerized microservices-based architecture. As a result, capabilities like auto-scaling and auto-healing are delivered out of the box and without you having to take any extra steps.

Enterprise-Grade Governance and Security

End-to-end data encryption, secure data products to manage personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data, and strong permission controls ensure compliance and peace of mind. Role-based data access means users get access to only the required data and all actions are monitored and logged. Nexla also seamlessly plugs in to governance tools like Collibra.

Enterprise-Ready Data Operations

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