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How to Connect JIRA to Zendesk Support


Zendesk Suite is an emerging favorite for many companies this year as it provides a modern HR and IT help desk experience. The Zendesk Support ticketing process simplifies internal and external support, and with Zendesk Suite providing a holistic CRM experience, more and more companies are leveraging it to improve customer experience.

However, many engineering teams use JIRA, and although Jira can be directly integrated into Zendesk Support via the Atlassian Marketplace, it does not provide customizable support leading to issues with specific data not fully integrating or still requiring manual input. Users also need additional steps to send status data to destinations other than Zendesk Support or JIRA, for analytics or for storage.


1. Add JIRA as a source

Begin by going to “Sources” and clicking “Create New Source.”

Choose JIRA Software. Add it as your data source, and name and authenticate the source.


The selected project issue data is automatically detected and converted into Nexsets, which are auto-generated views of your data. Nexla helps you visualize the attributes and samples of data from your Jira source. This is the step where you map data from Jira to Zendesk Support.

Since you might not want all the information about the project, you can select which attributes you would like to generate Nexsets from and use in the destination. In the Transforms and Validations panel in the middle, you can transform data to fit the destination schema and set detailed validation rules to ensure the quality of the data output.

2. Add Zendesk Support as a source

Once you connect the destination, you can see the complete data flow on your dashboard. Nexla’s intelligence monitoring capabilities will notify you when an error occurs, and you can have a clear view of your data flow status and lineage in the dashboard.


Setting up data flows between Zendesk Support and Jira can be done in minutes with a few clicks, meaning that little to no technical knowledge or engineering background is required, allowing anyone in your organization to sync data as needed whether for customer service requests, customer outreach, analytics, or requesting performance data and sending it to business analytics tools. Remove the heavy lifting and manual integration efforts with Nexla.

If you’re ready to integrate your data and put it in the hands of the people who use it, get a demo or book your free data mesh consultation today and learn how much more your data can do when everyone has access. For more on data, check out the other articles on Nexla’s blog.

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