Nexla for Confluent

Integrate Real-Time Data From Anywhere with Confluent Cloud

Limitless Integration with Confluent

Get all flavors of integration - ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, API proxy, API integration, streaming, and more in a unified experience. Truly universal connectors make it easy to connect to any data system, anywhere - real-time, batch, or anything in-between

Collaborate Like Never Before

Using data products and a no/low-code interface for your data flows in and out of Confluent, boost collaboration and transparency into data projects

Scale Projects from 1 to X

Using built-in data operations features like monitoring, lineage, automated notifications, flow insights, and more, scale projects to production levels quickly

Build, Scale, and Maintain Any Data Flow

Nexla’s bi-directional universal connectors mean you can not only easily deliver data from any system into Confluent but also send Confluent data to any application, dashboard, or API endpoint without custom code or a custom connector. Nexla supports all integration styles in one seamless interface. Flows never break in Nexla with built-in data operations features and intelligent updating connectors.

Generate Real-Time APIs on the Fly

Connect with real-time sources in Nexla to build scalable flows into Confluent such as webhooks, APIs, pub/sub, and more.

Generate real-time APIs from any real-time source with a single click in Nexla.

Scale Confluent Adoption for Everyone

Use no-code and low-code tools to easily set up data flows into Confluent. Create data products automatically in Nexla to empower individual teams with a self-service solution, while maintaining reliable governance. Easily scale up to benefit from real-time data adoption in Confluent.

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