data integration

Simple Data Integration

Connect to data from any partner company, no code required.

  • Connect via APIs, FTP servers, or databases
  • Eliminate repetitive ad-hoc integration costs

Input credentials and Nexla automatically detects and accesses all the available data sets. Easily unearth and preview schemas and sample values.

Quickly experiment with new data sources

Batch, microbatch or streaming.

  • Nexla constantly checks for new data schemas
  • Nexla processes 20 TB an hour of streaming real-time data. Data in batches? We handle that too.

Secure Data Sharing

The easiest way to create data feeds for partners

  • Connect to your data and choose the attributes you need to send
  • Easily set up compliance
  • Select almost any delivery method for the data-files, FTP, or even API. Or send your partners an email so they can choose where to write the data
  • Track the volume of data ingested by partners and edit or revoke access at any time


data sending
data transformations

Flexible Transformations

Data almost never arrives in the perfect format. Transform it with a few clicks. Select from hundreds of out-of-the-bix transformations, or add your own.

Perform complex lookups with dynamic data maps. Need to use one API’s records as inputs to another? API chaining is no problem! Configure the workflow in our web UI or select a static lookup table.

Enrich data and perform mathematical operations. Convert lat/long to city, IP address to state, or UserAgent to device in three clicks.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Alerts: Gone are the days of finding out an API changed last week and no one noticed. Get real time updates of changes happening as you are sending or receiving data. Nexla learns your schemas, expected data volumes and values, and more. If something unexpected happens, receive emails, SMS notifications, or hook into other services to manage incidents.

Status: Easily check the status of your data movement with our monitoring dashboard. See how much data you are successfully sending and receiving. Gain visibility into how partners are consuming the data you share.

Data Monitoring
Nexla is Easy to use

Unmatched ease of use

Nexla was built with the business user in mind. You don’t need to be a data engineer to manage the data that makes your business run. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Nexla.

  • Product Managers: Get all the data you need from different sources into one place. Analytics, purchases, and customer care data can live together.
  • Account Managers: Configure and share data with your partners. Setup feeds and filter data to only be relevant to them.
  • Operations Analysts: Ingest data from hundreds or even thousands of partners. Configure transformations so you can spend more time analyzing the data and less time integrating.