Office of the CDO

Implement a data integration layer that scales while maintaining governance principles

Unlock data access and delivery for your teams safely and securely

Implement a collaborative data integration layer that enables more users to deliver the data they need while maintaining data security and governance rules

Transparent Governance and Access Controls

Track all changes, access rules, and governance controls for every data asset in Nexla, including credentials, whole data flows, and individual data products and datasets. Enable users to access the data they need without exposing passwords, secret keys, and API keys, just by sharing a Nexla credential

Improve Data Quality

Bolster data reliability and trustworthiness by integrating, cleansing, standardizing, and validating data on a single platform to meet quality standards and business needs

Automatic PII Detection and Treatment

Nexla flags any potential data that looks like PII, and makes it easy to hash sensitive data, making it easier to follow data governance rules and prevent secure data from falling into the wrong hands

Make Working with Data a Team Sport

Collaboration features in Nexla enable more users to understand and work with data, reducing friction within and across teams that work with data

Connect Across your Data Tech Stack

Extend and build on Nexla with data catalogs, data monitoring, data quality, alerting tools, and more that are critical for data governance across your stack

Built-In Monitoring, Validations, and Data Operation

Free up data engineering and IT bandwidth with automatic error detection and handling features in Nexla that prevent failures, and make triaging errors easy when they do occur

Nexla for Chief Data Officers