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Nexla Data Fabric Architecture


Nexsets are a modern take on the traditional dataset that are automatically generated by Nexla’s continuous metadata intelligence layer. Each Nexset represents a logical collection of data and encapsulates schema, samples, error management, audit logs, and access control without having to make a copy of data.


Nexla’s continuous intelligence layer is built on Data Fabric principles. This layer observes data at a record-level, infers metadata from data, and combines that with system metadata to generate a deep understanding of data. 


Nexla’s foundation is a universal connector architecture that doesn’t suffer from the limitations of the old connector architectures. Combined with the abstractions inherent in Nexsets, a single interface gives users all flavors of data flow – ETL, ELT, API Integration, API Proxy, and Data-as-a-Service.

Make Data Usable

Nexla’s metadata intelligence delivers a deep understanding of your data at single record-level. The active and system metadata is encapsulated in the logical data units called Nexsets which makes data easy to use and consume.

Integrate Data Faster

Nexla lets you integrate data from anywhere and provision usable data to any data system using any of the integration styles: ETL, ELT, API Integration, Data as a Service, or API Proxy. Say goodbye to integration backlogs.


Empower Data Users

Nexla empowers everyone who works with data to find, access, integrate, govern, and share data in a self-service way. Address the back and forth between data users and data engineers by letting users see and understand the data themselves.

Continuous Metadata Intelligence

Simply provide credentials to the source and Nexla’s continuous metadata intelligence starts working.

It observes data and automatically creates Nexsets that neatly organize schema, samples, descriptions, annotations, ratings, and other metadata.

Nexsets: Logical Data Units

Nexsets are logical data units that abstract the underlying heterogeneity of data and provide a consistent interface regardless of source, format, and velocity.

They are auto-generated by a continuous intelligence process that analyzes data at record-level. Nexsets can be endlessly transformed into new Nexsets through no/low-code transformations.

Dynamic Data Integration

Nexla provides a unified way of dealing with multiple data integration styles for modern data teams.

Dynamic data integration means you can deliver integrated data in multiple data delivery styles.

Our unique universal connector technology means you don’t need to create a new connector every time a new data source comes up. Our standard connectors are proven for hundreds of APIs and file-based sources.

Self-service Data Transformation

With Nexla, data users don’t have to wait for the engineers to get transformed data. Data users can see the sources, pipelines, and preparation steps. A simple, user-friendly interface means you can easily track down what data transformations were done and handle others in a no/low code way without relying on experts or data engineers.

Once the data pipeline is activated, all the transformations will be automatically executed and ready-to-use data is delivered wherever and whenever you need it.

Adaptive Data Provisioning

Prepared, transformed, ready-to-use data can be automatically provisioned to any operational application, database, data warehouse, data lake, file, or API. Nexla handles any-to-any integration in the truest sense.

Sending operational business data from Snowflake to Salesforce, sending CSV files from a customer to an internal API in JSON format, and sending data to Redshift or Bigquery are just a few examples of how our customers currently use the platform.

Automated Data Monitoring

Our proprietary Nexla platform delivers reliable data pipelines and automated monitoring through capabilities like continuous data validation, error management and notifications, and retry mechanisms.

Combined with the data integration and data transformation capabilities, Nexla provides the unified data operations platform needed by teams to run critical data.

Nexla Data Fabric: Delivering Ready to Use Data

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