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Product update: New Data Flows view and incoming webhooks

Nexla Release 1.4 Highlights

  • Manage data pipelines in the new Data Flows view
  • Allow services to send data to Nexla with the new incoming webhook feature
  • Organize your data and pipelines with tags
  • Configure custom notifications and set triggers. New emails provide links to affected data sets, sources, and destinations

Introducing Nexla Data Flows

Visualize end-to-end configuration of your data flows and navigate across sources, data sets, and destinations. Establishing and monitoring data pipelines are essential activities for effective DataOps. Now you can see a quick pipeline view of all your data flows in Nexla. Click into the detail view of any resource to learn more about it—where it came from, data volumes, types, attributes, and where the data is going. Pause and activate pipelines to fix issues or make edits

New data source! Support for incoming webhooks

Nexla now supports the ability to create a webhook right in the UI for use in other services. This allows other services to easily send data to Nexla.

New advanced notifications configuration

You can now configure notifications and alerts on individual data sources, data sets, and destinations. Select when you’d like to be notified based on changes in data. Receive improved notification emails with deep links to relevant resources.

Stay organized with tagging

As inter-company data grows, so too do the number of pipelines companies must manage. Use tags (keywords) to help organize your data sets, sources, and destinations. Then search for tags to easily find the resources you are looking for. Very handing when working with colleagues across the organization!

Read the complete release notes for more product updates!

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