Data Engineers & Architects

Automated integrations reduce the engineering overhead for creating and operating data pipelines

Eliminate Integration Backlog

Give non-technical users the ability to create even complex data pipelines on their own with a simple self-serve UI.

Future-proof Data Stack

Use any integration style including ETL, ELT, iPaas, API Proxy, Data API, and Data Prep and Operations. Nexla also plays well with your new or existing governance and catalog tools.

Buy and Build

Nexla is a micro-services platform that you can build on. Spend less time on basics and more time solving complex challenges.

Nexla’s expertise in data transformation frees my teams to focus on building the best possible catalog of grocery products.


Developer Friendly

Declaratively create data flows and programmatically control Nexla with a complete set of APIs. Developers can customize Nexla or build their own application on the platform.

Data Governance

Creating secure versions of a Nexset, or using fine-grained access and sharing controls enables data governance for everyone. Enterprises can easily integrate Nexla with advanced data governance tools.

Give Your Team API Access to Data

A completely UI-based workflow makes it easy to publish APIs to data from a database or data warehouse. The no-code setup allows you to design your API response, including enrichment, security, and JSON structure, resulting in a high-performance production-grade API in minutes.

Supercharge your data operations today!

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