Data Migration with Nexla

The Easy Button for Mass Data Migration

Efficient and Reliable Data Migration at Scale

Use Nexla to Migrate Any System to Any System Quickly, Safely, and Easily

Setup Migration Flows Easily

Build the precise data flows you need to migrate large volumes of data, with no/low-code features for simple replication and advanced custom code for custom moves

Scale to Entire Warehouses and Lakehouses

Once migration data flows are tested and validated, automatically scale flows to start migrating all of your data efficiently

Trust in Data Completeness and Accuracy

Built-in data operations features in Nexla ensure migration operations complete successfully, preventing errors from occuring in-flight

Verified and Optimized Performance for Any Scale

Nexla is verified with popular systems to performance, from major cloud providers to popular data warehouse solutions, guaranteeing performance for however much data you need to migrate

No/Low-Code Setup in Minutes

Build the simplest data migration flows by just adding system credentials and pointing Nexla to the source and destination systems

Customization When You Need It

Inject custom transformations in Python and Javascript that can be reused, or setup data source rules in custom SQL that automatically query

Built-In Monitoring, Validations, and Data Operation

Automatic error detection and handling features in Nexla prevent replication failures, and make triaging errors easy if they do occur

Migration Data Flows with Nexla