Data Provisioning

Synonym:  Operational Data Provisioning

What is Data Provisioning? 

Data Provisioning is the process of creation, preparation and enablement of a network to provide data from source to destination system of the user.  

There are four types of provisioning: 

  1. Real-time provisioning: In real-time provisioning data is fetched in real-time or latest data is ingested from source to destination. 
  2. Near Real-time Data provisioning: In near real-time provisioning, it allows users to work on meta-data or data before the data is ingested from source to destination.  
  3. Data Federation: In data federation, the actual data is not moved from the source but virtual tables are created at the destination. A user can go and build models on the data and send them to application layers. 
  4. Local data import: Allows the user to import CSV and XLSX files directly to the destination system.