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The Capabilities of a Modern Data Exchange

The Capabilities of a Modern Data Exchange

Let’s face it: data can be overwhelming. With over 1.145 trillion MB of data being created per day, it’s easy to be intimidated by the work needed to make that data manageable, much less profitable. Data management is a constant struggle and sourcing, integrating, ingesting, processing, transforming and loading it can take valuable time.

Good thing there’s a better way. Nexla is a modern, comprehensive solution that puts the full power of your data at your fingertips. It’s a modern data solution that is:


Get your team working together! Nexla’s innovative low/no code interface gives even the most non-technical teammates the ability to create complex data pipelines through an easy and user-friendly self-serve UI. You can set up and manage permissions through role-based data access to make sure everyone sees exactly what they need exactly when they need it. Data can be managed and shared securely in real-time, with discussions happening around relevant data sets in the exchange, increasing access and communication across teams and keeping everyone on the same page.


Nexla will also learn from the way you work and create a solution unique to you. By monitoring the baseline, notifications can be sent when something unusual, like a data volume spike, happens, allowing you to keep on top of both daily data flow and unexpected occurrences. Nexla learns your baseline and automatically adjusts to data changes over time, tracking both data and metadata to give you a complete picture of your data and how you process it.

You can also deliver your data anywhere, at any time, in any format. Need a recurring weekly report? Done. Want to look up a specific number? Can do. Trying to find a dataset to confirm a trend? You got it. Search your data by any filter and enable data discovery through related results, lookalikes, overlaps, popular datasets, and recent changes to find what’s new and what’s relevant. Get the data you need in seconds and track it from source to delivery to ensure quality.

With a flexible any-to-any data structures, organize your data any way you like. Over 200 self-service connectors ensure that you can add any and everything, from Snowflake, Redshift, BiQuery, S3, SQL Server, Mysqi, Data APIs, public data, data streams, and SaaS such as Salesforce, Intuit, Hubspot, and many more. Deliver to BI tools, APIs, Jupyter Notebooks, real-time feeds, or any other combination.

You can also define your own deliverables. Data can be delivered in any format, no matter what format it entered in. From tables to lists, data streams to feeds, you can see your data in the way that’s most useful to you.


No matter how big or small your current data needs, you can get started today. Nexla is future-proof and designed to grow with you. The micro-services platform can support any size load and will scale easily, accepting data from anywhere. No matter the format, whether CSV, JSON, XML, from Excel, Avro, Parquet, or any other input, Nexla’s ingestion framework supports a diverse array of data types. Load in your spreadsheets, APIs, videos, databases, data warehouses, and data lakes for a searchable, customizable data environment that’s got everything you need in one place.


With end-to-end data encryption, your data will always be secure. Nexla also auto-detects PII and applies sensitive data controls to make sure you’re always in compliance. Strong permission controls ensure oversight and with full tracking records and changelogs, you’ll be able to follow a single piece of data from source to delivery. By allowing for data validation rules on both the sending and receiving sides, your data can be quality-checked and secured multiple times throughout the pipeline.

No matter how large or small your data environment is, you need the best security for it. Enterprise grade authentication, authorization, and policy management come standard and provide you with the tools you need to maintain the peace of mind you want.


There’s no such thing as a system that never fails, and complex systems fail in complex ways. That’s why we’ve kept it simple and planned ahead. Nexla checks for errors at each stage from data ingestion to output. Any recoverable errors are automatically retried and even the worst errors won’t stall the processing, keeping things moving to avoid delays. Reports are provided in real-time and archived to become further data for the system to learn from in the future. This resilient and robust system, with multiple failsafes, not only diagnoses and attempts to fix errors, it also adapts to fix problems without needing to slow down.


Whether you need a private exchange, a public exchange, or both, faster onboarding can save you time and money. With the simple no-code tools and hundreds of universal connectors, you can onboard in a fraction of the time. Nexla also lets you host private exchanges rather than relying on marketplaces and is fast and secure.

It’s also easy to use and share data, no matter your level of technical expertise. The low/no code interface lets anyone on your team set up complex processes and pull data and reports. Data can be delivered to data scientists or other team members as needed, and with easy-to-manage permissions, you can control and track access in real-time.

Nexla’s Data Exchange

Data, both as a product and a resource, is growing at an exponential rate and with over 450 exabytes of data expected to be produced daily by 2025 it’s clearly not slowing down any time soon. Now’s the time to build a solid foundation to grow on. If you’re looking for something simple, scalable, and secure that can deliver data from anywhere to anywhere in real-time, check out Nexla and set yourself up for success. Schedule your free demo today and let your data start working for you.

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