Nexla Use Cases

Mission-Critical Data for Operations & Analytics

Data for Operations

  • Easily get data from any operational (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, Twitter, SAP, Workday, ServiceNow) or analytical (e.g. Looker, Tableau, Snowflake) tools.
  • Transform, validate, and quality check this data and send it to your marketing, finance, CRM, ERP, HR or other systems in a no/low-code way.
  • Monitor end-to-end data flows between operational and analytical systems.

Data for AI

  • Integrates data from external, internal, cloud, and on-prem sources and register it into data catalog/governance tool (e.g., Alation, Collibra).
  • Operationalizes data by data movement from on-prem to S3 cloud data lake so data scientists can use it in their Jupyter notebook.
  • Provides curated, prepared, and governed data for analysis, experimentation, and reuse. Data owners can desensitize confidential data as needed.

Customer Onboarding

  • Automated UI-driven pipelines and complete data operations along with command-line tools, SDK, and APIs give you the flexibility to integrate anything.
  • Accepts data at any scale, in any system, format, or quality to deliver successful proofs-of-concept without delay.
  • Deliver POCs and onboard customers in hours, not weeks.

Data for Partners

  • Share and receive data from your partners in any format, speed, or volume.
  • Automatically detects errors at each stage – ingestion, processing, or output with intelligent error management and automatic retries.
  • End-to-end data encryption, secure data products to manage PII and sensitive data, and strong permission controls ensure data is secure.

Cloud Migration

  • Migrates data from on-prem systems to cloud systems like S3 or Snowflake.
  • Provides first-class support for even legacy on-premise systems e.g. AS 400.
  • Creates cost and performance-optimized data flows for any and all of your data.

What’s Your Data Use Case?

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