Case Study: Optimizing Global Supply Chain at VIDA                               & Co.

Case Study: Optimizing Global Supply Chain at VIDA & Co.

About VIDA: VIDA is a fashion ecommerce platform that brings together designers and makers from around the world to create and sell original products at scale. To support its rapidly growing network of designers, manufacturers, and customers, VIDA leverages Nexla to ensure seamless data sharing across the supply chain and to increase engineering efficiency.

The Challenge: As VIDA’s business and customers scaled, high order volumes and fragmented supply chain data sources caused the data exchange process to be extremely complex. VIDA’s data team faced immense pressure to scale the data engineering efficiency in order to meet the imperative demand.

Solution: Nexla enables VIDA to efficiently collaborate with internal members and global partners while taking full control of data from disparate sources. With Nexla, VIDA’s data team saves significant engineering effort and can now focus its efforts on expanding product offerings to maximize business value.

“The amount of time it takes to build and ship a pipeline went down from 1-2 weeks to an hour. With Nexla, we don’t have to prioritize data pipelining, so our data team can work on the most important thing,” Rangoli Sharan, VP of Engineering, VIDA

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