Case Study: Marchex Expands Connectivity across Data Systems Using Nexla

Case Study: Marchex Expands Connectivity across Data Systems Using Nexla

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About Marchex:  Marchex, Inc. (Marchex) is a conversation analytics company that delivers sales insights by analyzing business-customer interaction data using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Integrations between client databases, CRM tools, and all other endpoint entities are the building blocks of Marchex’s seamless analytics process. As Marchex expands its service offerings, it relies on Nexla to implement a data fabric wherein data is accessible and flows between internal and external systems without interruptions. 

The Challenge:  Integrating data from diverse sources such as databases and verticalized CRMs is critical to customer acquisition and strategic expansion at Marchex. Prioritizing resources to support all of these in-house ongoing integration projects is difficult. To address this, Marchex needed a solution to expedite both internal and external critical data integrations to ensure service quality and lower the customer churn rate.

The Solution:  Nexla’s flexible and customizable solution enables Marchex to quickly build solid foundations for strategic acquisitions and partnerships by automating data exchange. Nexla bridges the gaps between Marchex’s conversation analytics platform and the diverse CRM endpoints specific to niche industries. 

“We’ve been able to save about 60% of the time that we would have spent on integrations. It has had a big impact on our business and our efficiency.” — Ryan Polley, COO at Marchex, Inc.


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