Case Study: Automating Data Insights Delivery at Poshmark

Case Study: Automating Data Insights Delivery at Poshmark

About Poshmark: Poshmark Inc. (Poshmark) is a social marketplace that provides a platform for anyone to sell, purchase, and share their styles with others. Connecting people around a shared love of fashion, Poshmark’s community attracts 60 million users and empowers the next generation of retailers and shoppers. Poshmark operates at a fast pace making a sale every second, so transforming data into decisions requires smooth data streaming between its database and other data sources. Nexla bridges the gap between the massive number of Poshmark’s business intelligence reports and the ideal, easily navigable presentation with robust data pipelines and extremely low data engineering effort.

The Challenge: Prompt data delivery is the key to maintaining the fast decision making needed to power the Poshmark marketplace. Without a robust and scalable data pipeline, the data team at Poshmark had to hard code and maintain the connections from its business intelligence (BI) tool to shared spreadsheets where the executive team accesses BI reports, taking months of engineering effort. Poshmark needed a solution to automate data delivery and monitoring so that data is readily available for decision making.

Solution: Nexla’s flexible and scalable solution enables Poshmark to automate pipeline building and monitoring throughout its data delivery process. Nexla’s self-service platform allows data users at Poshmark to easily access ready-to-use data from internal and third-party sources without spending additional engineering resources.

“With Nexla, we are able to query data in a much more scalable and manageable perspective, increasing our insights delivery efficiency by 10X,” Kyle Martin, Head of data management & analytics platform, Poshmark

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