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Bring Velocity and Operational Scale to your Snowflake Data Clean Room Projects with Nexla – Part 2

In the first part of this 3-part blog, we introduced the need for clean rooms and discussed how marketing organizations can leverage and share their data using data clean rooms. In short, a data clean room provides a safe place that allows multiple organizations to bring data together for joint analysis while keeping private data secure. However, data clean rooms face challenges when it comes to speed and scale. Nexla’s all-in-one converged platform helps them meet their needs by providing automation and an end-to-end solution.

In this blog, we will focus on the challenges and the benefits Nexla provides to both the data providers and data consumers.

Challenges: Data Provider

We discussed earlier that the concept of a clean room is still very new and most organizations don’t currently have the technical skill to support it. When it comes to scaling clean rooms, the data providers face many  challenges, including the ability to: 

  1. Gather data from different sources (any source, any speed, proprietary, modern, legacy) 
  2. Filter out specific segments of data to each clean room (and not send all data to all partners)
  3. Share data without worrying about the manual scripting the workflow steps, such as creation of data share, loading of data, and creating query template

They need an all-in-one converged platform and automation that can provide them velocity and operational scale and a simple low-code/no-code interface.

Enter Nexla.

Nexla Benefits: Velocity and Operational Scale for Data Providers

With Nexla, data providers can integrate data from different sources or segments and confidently share data with partners at scale while keeping it protected and complying with data privacy regulations. 

Nexla provides 3 main benefits to the data provider:

  1.  Ability to unlock any data: Integrate data from different sources through Nexla using auto-generated connectors
  2.  Intelligently segment data: Slice and confidently share data with different partners while ensuring the right attributes, such as join keys and dimension, are selected
  3. Streamline data sharing: Automate necessary workflow steps, such as creation of data share, loading of data, and creating query templates

Now, let’s discuss the challenges that data consumers face.

Challenges: Data Consumers

The data consumer expects to be able to simply connect to a clean room and get easy access to the shared data and activate it on any platform  while maintaining privacy and security needs. However, most of the data consumers are non-technical business people and quickly getting access to data and activating requires technical skills. Hence, they face some challenges:

  1. The ability to connect with data clean rooms and curate necessary data without requiring technical skills 
  2. Run campaigns right away by activating platforms  such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
  3. Run campaigns in real-time with updated data, such as addition of new subscribers

So how do they overcome these challenges? They also benefit from Nexla.

Nexla Benefits: Velocity and Operational Scale for Data Consumers

Nexla helps data consumers  securely access data loaded by providers and activate that data into any platform at scale.

Nexla provides 3 main benefits to the data consumers: 

  • Connect and discover: Curate necessary data through a collaborative process between your company and your provider
  • Run campaigns right away: Activate on any platform, such as Google, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, etc., through Nexla’s auto-generated connectors
  • Boost campaigns with fresh data: Run campaigns in real-time with dynamically enriched and updated data, such as the addition of new subscribers


In conclusion, businesses need the ability to onboard more non-technical users to the clean room. However, clean rooms are not currently easy to set up, especially for people without technical backgrounds.. Nexla provides an all-in-one converged and automation platform to help them meet their needs, regardless of skill level by addressing the needs of both the data providers and the data consumers. 

In the next part of this 3-part series, we will take a real-life example of an advertising customer use case and discuss how Nexla provided velocity and operational scale to their clean room project.


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