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Bring Velocity and Operational Scale to your Snowflake Data Clean Room Projects with Nexla – Part 1

Organizations are in constant flux. They have to adhere to new regulations such as data privacy, constant technology improvement,  and cultural changes. There was a time when browsers and cookies were synonymous. Now, under the pressure of increased privacy regulation and the post-cookie world (third-party cookie elimination), marketing organizations are becoming interested in the concept of data clean rooms. We are seeing more and more direct collaboration happening between companies. 

A data clean room is a safe place that allows multiple organizations to bring data together for joint analysis under defined guidelines and restrictions that keep the data secure. Typically, what happened on the browser before is now where clean rooms are becoming popular.

In this 3-part blog, we will discuss how Nexla brings velocity and operational scale to your Snowflake data clean rooms projects. Let’s begin by understanding what a Snowflake data clean room is.

Snowflake data clean room

A data clean room is a virtual space where two parties can collaborate together without exposing sensitive data to each other. The idea is that you bring the data into a clean room and limit what kind of queries or attributes can be visible to the third party. Basically, it gives you the ability to share data while adhering to privacy regulations. The setup of a clean room involves two parties (providers and consumers).

Snowflake’s data sharing capability provides access to live, ready-to-query data without having to copy and move it, making it easier to access and to govern. 

This is great, so who benefits from a data clean room?

Benefits of Data Clean Rooms

The capabilities of distributed data clean rooms are especially beneficial to advertisers and the media industry as we continue moving forward into a cookieless future. Data clean rooms allow organizations to manage data effectively, de-identify it, and share it. 

However, managing and maintaining clean rooms at scale can be challenging for organizations.

Challenges with Data Clean Room

When it comes to sharing data through a clean room, most providers don’t work with one or two partners. Their setup involves hundreds of partners. This is challenging to execute and manage as everything is done through a script. The concept of a clean room is still very new and most organizations don’t have the right level of technical skill to support it. To increase adoption, organizations need to ensure that they onboard more non-technical users. 

The other challenge is that most organizations have multiple tools in place. They have different tools for data integration, transformation, and monitoring because they have inherited different tools from mergers and acquisitions. They have legacy tools and have, in some cases, resorted to purpose-built solutions.

Ideal solution

At a basic level, organizations need a platform that can help with all their connectivity needs. This includes resolving data integration, transformation, and monitoring, and providing one simple user interface. This will establish the right groundwork for the cleanroom.

At a more specific level, i.e., ability to enhance their cleanroom solution, these organizations need a platform that can address both the provider and consumer challenges by providing automation and an easy-to-use interface.

Nexla’s all-in-one converged infrastructure helps them provide velocity and operational scale to clean room data projects. With over 300+ connector out-of-the-box and ready-to-use data products in platform helps  both the data provider and data consumers to meet their data cleanroom needs at scale.


In this blog, we introduced the need for clean rooms and discussed how marketing organizations under increased privacy regulation and third-party cookie elimination can leverage and share their data. A data clean room provides a safe place that allows multiple organizations to bring data together for joint analysis while keeping private data secure. 

To increase adoption, businesses need to onboard more non-technical users. However, clean rooms are not easy to set up, especially by non-technical people. Nexla provides an all-in-one converged platform to help them meet their needs. Come talk to us at Snowflake, get a free data solution strategy session, or try a demo. 

In the next part of this 3-part series, we will discuss the 3 main challenges data providers have and how Nexla helps them through automation and by providing an end-to-end solution. For more on data, check out the other articles on Nexla’s blog.

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