The Definitive Data Operations Report

data operations report 2018

The Definitive Data Operations Report is here!

The industry’s first and most comprehensive data operations survey is back, with benchmarks on data operations adoption and best practices. In this second-annual Definitive Data Operations Report, we surveyed hundreds of data professionals to understand how they are building data teams, what those teams are focused on, and where the challenges lie.

DataOps isn’t an IT trend—it’s a business trend. As the number of workers who need to use data in their everyday jobs increases, it no longer makes sense to relegate data to the purview of IT only.

This survey was commissioned by Nexla and conducted by independent research firm Pulse Q&A.

Key Data Operations Findings:

  • 85% of respondents say their companies have teams working on ML or AI. This is up from 70% last year
  • 73% of respondents say their company has plans to hire in DataOps in the next year
  • Data professionals are only spending 14% of their time on analysis. The rest of the time is spent on required but low value-add tasks like data integration, data cleanup, and troubleshooting.
  • Data engineers spend 18% of their time on troubleshooting. That works out to 9.3 weeks a year!
  • Data pros are longing for automation in their jobs. We asked data pros what tasks in their current role would benefit from automation:
  • The majority, 56%, unsurprisingly said that data clean up would benefit from automation. Analysis was the second-most cited task, at 47%
  • Data integration was close behind at 46% and building data pipelines at 41%

These findings highlight the need and desire for more scalable, automated processes to maximize value from data.

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