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Lightning-Fast Data to Firebolt from Anywhere

Nexla and Firebolt are partnering to make data analytics faster and easier. Firebolt customers can now use Nexla to integrate data from any internal or external data source to their cloud data warehouse.

What is Firebolt

The Firebolt cloud data warehouse is built from the ground up to deliver the sub-second performance needed for ad hoc, interactive operational and customer-facing analytics. Like some of its predecessors, it is built on a decoupled storage and compute architecture. But it adds to the previous generations of cloud data warehouses by optimizing decoupled storage and compute together to improve speed, scale, and efficiency.

What is Nexla

With Nexla’s self-serve and low-code tools, even at data-lake scale users are only limited by their imagination – not time or engineering bandwidth.

Nexla unified data operations platform integrates, transforms, and delivers data to/from anywhere –  files, BI tools, data warehouses, data lakes, APIs, SQL databases, and even APIs and streams. For Firebolt customers, Nexla makes it easy for even non-technical users to bring data from anywhere to Firebolt in a no code way. Data Engineering, analytics, and business teams can easily collaborate and bring the right data to Firebolt.

“Partnering with Nexla enables Firebolt users, data engineers and analysts alike, an easy and reliable way to bring in data from SaaS, streaming, and even webhook data in a low-code way. We are excited about the products companies will build using the combination of Firebolt’s speed and performance and Nexla’s data ops platform.”

Nouras Haddad, VP, Alliances and Channels at Firebolt

5 Simple Steps to Get Data in Firebolt 

Getting data from any file, apps, data warehouses, data lakes, APIs, SQL databases, and even APIs and streams to Firebolt can be accomplished in 5 simple steps: 

Step 1: Collect details about your source and destination (e.g. access tokens, database user/pass, etc.)

Step 2: Add Source in Nexla. This is where the data is coming from. 

Step 3: Nexset is auto-detected and auto-generated by Nexla. Optionally, you can transform the nexset as desired. You can do this in a no-code way in the UI but can also bring in your existing python, JavaScript, or SQL code snippets.

Step 4: Send to Firebolt destination. This is where the data is going.

Step 5: Activate the data flow and data starts flowing to Firebolt.

What it Means for You

Nexla is speeding up and making it easy for users of any skill level to bring data into Firebolt and helps organizations move faster to gain insights from this data.  Nexla’s bi-directional connectors also mean that any data available in Firebolt is easily extracted anywhere you might need it as well. That means self-serve access can now be available to provision data from anywhere to anywhere and cut time to value down to a fraction of before. Business users don’t need any coding knowledge, while data engineers and scientists can automate simple tasks and focus just on complex data challenges.

Next Steps

If you are interested in connecting to Firebolt, contact us to get a demo and learn how Nexla can help you integrate, transform, and deliver data to any app or data system.

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