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Gartner Analytics and BI Bake-off 2024: Reducing Poverty with AI Powered by Nexla

Each year ahead of the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, leading technology innovators converge to apply our products to analysis of pressing global challenges in the Gartner BI Bake-Off Competition. This year, 2024, the spotlight was on alleviating poverty using data-driven insights from data collected by the OECD.

This was one of the many paths of analysis that we explored during the BI Bake-off. Did you know that many of the challenges around implementing Gen AI successfully are actually data challenges? Nexla stepped up to the plate with a groundbreaking data integration solution that demonstrated how to build a GenAI application to conversationally explore poverty trends.

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Nexla’s data integration platform empowers AI and Data teams to future-proof development of GenAI applications. GenAI is a rapidly changing area of software development with best practices evolving quickly. Teams working in GenAI are finding that hard coding connections to data for prototyping often means manually re-implementing those connections when underlying application components are changed, or the GenAI application goes into production. Using Nexla as a data integration foundation for your GenAI application ensures that changing application components is as simple as changing a data flow instead of re-working hard coded connections. 

In our submission to the Competition, we dove deep into the wealth of data provided by the OECD, training and powering an AI chatbot with Nexla data flows. Our AI-powered chatbot is powered behind the scenes by Nexla’s orchestration across the multiple architectural components required to use structured data, unstructured data, and a large language model to respond conversationally to an end user. In our demonstration, you can see Nexla’s orchestration and integration of basic SQL queries,vectorization of content to enrich responses, and calls to an LLM to generate a natural language response. All of this happens in real-time as the user converses with the chatbot.

This work was a preview of technology explorations available March 11-13 at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2024. Heading to the conference? Make sure to grab your time to meet with Nexla, and don’t forget to attend our session on AI with  Darrell Cherry from Clearwater Analytics on March 11. See you in Disneyworld!


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