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Nexla Partners with Tableau to Simplify Data for Analytics

Nexla is joining forces with Tableau to simplify data for Analytics. Tableau users can now power their dashboards with automated, reliable data flowing from any internal or external data sources. 

Just as Tableau democratized dashboards and analytics for business users, Nexla is democratizing creating and monitoring of data pipelines for business users. 

Nexla’s unified data operations platform takes a universal connector approach that enables easy connectivity to data from anywhere, files, data warehouses, data lakes, APIs, and even data streams. In its no-code, collaborative user interface, analysts or data engineers can easily setup automated integration, cleansing, and transformation steps before getting data automatically published as a Hyper extract file in Tableau Server. Once the data flows are set, Nexla automatically monitors the flows for data quality and notifies if any errors occur. Nexla’s Tableau connector is available out of the box for all users, and just by linking their Tableau credentials, they can have data flowing in minutes. Users get the peace of mind that data is always up-to-date and high quality with Nexla’s advanced monitoring and error response.

By empowering analysts and business users to build their data flows themselves, getting the right data into Tableau for analysis is faster, easier, and transparent. Business users don’t need any coding knowledge, while data engineers can automate the simple tasks to focus on truly complex data challenges, accelerating the time from input to actionable insight on Tableau. Data from files, data warehouses, data lakes, APIs, webhooks and even ftp sources can start flowing in as Tableau-optimized Hyper extracts in just a few steps.

To learn how you can use Nexla to integrate, transform, and provision any data to your Tableau dashboards, read this blog or schedule a demo today.

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