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Make Data Easy for Analytics & BI in 2021

In 2020, enterprises turned to data & analytics1 in response to the business challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Enterprises that invested in data & analytics were more likely to be able to successfully pivot to new business models and transform how they reached out to customers in the new normal.

But for that investment to work, enterprises’ access isn’t enough. In 2021, enterprises must be able to get to the right data at the right time. That means getting cleaned, prepped, governed data for analytics teams in time for them to make impactful decisions. 

Data to Insights: Garbage-In, Garbage-Out

The biggest problem that comes with the sheer volume of data at an enterprise’s disposal is that not all of it is relevant and not all of it is ready to be used. Often referred to as “garbage-in, garbage-out,” the quality of insights and answers depends entirely on the quality of the input data. 

Sifting through non-relevant data, trying to find the right version of a data asset when there are many similar assets, and not understanding what data even exists make it terribly hard for analysts to find the data they need to make data-driven decisions.  As a result, data analysts spend as much as 80% of their time searching for, accessing, preparing, and transforming data so that it becomes suitable for analysis. It doesn’t have to be this way.

2021: Cleaned, Prepped, Governed Data for Analytics Teams

Imagine what the day in the life of your analytics team looks like when they no longer have to worry about unknown, messy, unorganized, and unruly data. Imagine what they will feel when you tell them that they can continue to work in their favorite analytics and BI tools where they have built the templates and workflows that they need to get their job done without worrying about data. 

Nexla is a no-code platform that makes it easy for anyone to connect data from anywhere to these analytics and BI platforms in minutes. That difficult data wrangling? Gone! There are many tools out there that each can do a specific task, but only Nexla’s delivers it all. Nexla takes away the pain of stringing together numerous point tools that only add complexity and create headaches for data operations. Using Nexla, companies are already connecting to data from wide range of data sources in a pain-less way to drive actionable insights.

Next Steps

Take the next steps right now by heading to and click “Get Demo” to schedule a meeting. Nexla works with any analytics tools like Looker, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAP, Yellowfin, and more. Nexla is a unified solution to get your data from the source to the analytics teams in a seamless and pain-free way. To learn more about what on-demand data analytics means, read on as we briefly dive deep into the analytics landscape.


  1. Henke, Nicolaus, et al. “Accelerating Analytics to Navigate COVID-19 and the next Normal.” McKinsey & Company, McKinsey & Company, 12 June 2020,

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