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Case study: How Instacart uses Nexla to Accelerate Partner Integration

We’re excited to tell the story of how Nexla helped accelerate Instacart’s partner integration. Instacart shaved 1 – 2 months off of their partner integration timeline using Nexla’s platform. It’s been able to integrate with partners using wildly different data formats—APIs, CSVs via FTP server, and more. But don’t take our word for it: “Nexla makes sharing data between companies, in any format, really easy,” said Brandon Leonardo, Co-Founder, Instacart.

Intsacart partners with 170 retailers. Since every retailer’s data is different, such custom integration became a bottleneck. With Nexla’s innovative technology, Instacart complements its existing systems to support additional data sources and formats.

We are so grateful to work with innovative partners who are building products we love like Instacart. Check out the case study to learn more.


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