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Nexla’s Remarkable Journey: From Partnering with Google Cloud to Google Cloud Ready — CloudSQL Designation

In the fast-evolving landscape of cloud technology, partnerships play a pivotal role in driving innovation and empowering businesses to harness the full potential of cutting-edge solutions. One shining example of such collaboration is the journey of Nexla, a trailblazing company that embarked on a transformational partnership with Google Cloud in 2021. Since then, Nexla’s evolution has been remarkable, culminating in its recent achievement with a Google Cloud Ready — CloudSQL designation during Google Cloud Next 2023 in August.

A Vision for Innovation: Nexla Partnership with Google Cloud


In 2022, Nexla took a significant step forward by joining forces with Google Cloud. This partnership was founded on a shared vision of fostering innovation and enabling businesses to leverage the immense power of cloud computing. Nexla’s commitment to data integration and automation aligned seamlessly with Google Cloud’s dedication to delivering top-tier cloud services, setting the stage for a partnership that would propel both companies to new heights.


The Google Cloud Ready Designations: BigQuery, AlloyDB, and Beyond


Shortly after becoming a Google Cloud partner, Nexla demonstrated its prowess by earning the coveted Google Cloud Ready — BigQuery designation in October 2022. This achievement not only underscored Nexla’s expertise in data integration but also solidified its reputation as a trusted partner capable of delivering robust solutions on the Google Cloud infrastructure.


Building upon this momentum, Nexla continued to push boundaries. In March 2023, Nexla secured another milestone by obtaining the Google Cloud Ready —- AlloyDB designation and a launch part of BigQuery Partner Center launch. This further demonstrated Nexla’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and catering to a broader range of client needs within the Google Cloud ecosystem.


Crowning Glory: Google Cloud Ready — Cloud SQL Designations at Google Cloud Next 2023


A highpoint in Nexla’s journey with Google Cloud came in August 2023, during the highly anticipated Google Cloud Next event. Nexla was honored to be recognized as a CloudSQL Launch Partner and achieve yet another Google Cloud Ready designation, marking a significant achievement in its partnership with Google Cloud. This recognition showcased Nexla’s exceptional capabilities in developing and delivering innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with CloudSQL, Google Cloud managed relational database service.


The Google Cloud Ready — CloudSQLdesignation is a testament to Nexla’s unwavering dedication to excellence, its capacity to adapt to the evolving needs of the market, and its commitment to driving value for its clients within the Google Cloud ecosystem.


Unveiling the Nexla Difference: A Commitment to Excellence


Nexla’s journey from becoming a Google Cloud partner in 2022 to achieving the Google Cloud Ready — CloudSQL designation status in 2023 reflects its unyielding commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success. Through this journey, Nexla has demonstrated the power of strategic collaboration and the incredible outcomes that can be achieved when visionary companies unite their strengths.


As the Head of Partnership at Nexla, I am immensely proud of the strides we have taken growing our capabilities with Google Cloud. Our journey underscores the fact that partnerships aren’t just about expanding business portfolios – they are about synergizing visions, harnessing collective expertise, and making a lasting impact in the world of technology.


Looking Ahead: A Future Fueled by Innovation


With our Google Cloud Ready — CloudSQL designation, Nexla is poised to continue making waves in the cloud technology landscape. Our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and client satisfaction remains unshakeable. As we move forward, we are excited to explore new horizons, push the boundaries of possibility, and create solutions that redefine what’s achievable within the Google Cloud ecosystem.


Stay tuned as we embark on the next chapter of our journey, one that promises to be as exciting and transformative as the path we’ve traveled thus far. Together with Google Cloud, Nexla is ready to shape the future of cloud technology and revolutionize the way businesses integrate and manage their data.

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