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Product update: New audit log and file previews

Nexla Release 1.6 Highlights

  • Audit Log: New tab in resource detail panel to review activity history of any resource
  • Sources: See all files available in source folders and preview individual file data before connecting
  • Transformation Editor: Write Python or Javascript transformations and apply
  • Capture quarantined errors and configure location for writing error data files

Introducing Audit Logs

You can now review the activity history of any resource in the new tab of the resource detail panel.

nexla audit log

Preview your files before sending or receiving

You can now see all files available within your source folders. With file listing, view the list of files in file type storage when setting up a source/destination. To preview a file, hover over an individual file and click the preview button to preview data before you connect. The preview button will allow you to see partial file content (first 100 lines) of files listed in file type source/destination setup and source/destination detail.

Transformation Editor

Native support for writing transform code in python and javascript along with Nexla JSON.

Error data

Error data can be automatically delivered in JSON files to a location of your choice for evaluation, correction, and re-ingestion. Error files are delivered with file names [source,pub,sub]/{id}/{yyyy}/{mm}/{dd}–{error_id}.json

View the full release and other product updates here.

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