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Access Data from APIs with Ease Using Nexla



With the proliferation of APIs, it’s becoming quite normal for data teams to work with data from APIs. Keeping track of data from many API feeds, at varying volumes, each with their own configurations can be a headache. Nexla makes it easy to get data from any API and make it ready-to-use in minutes.

The Challenge

Anyone who works with APIs knows that they each tend to be different with unique URLs, parameters, authentication and more. Keeping track of everything to get the data you need can create headaches and lots of back and forth with the engineers who are building the API. Nexla makes it easy for anyone to work with data APIs and get the data they need, where they need it; let’s dive into how we do it.


Straightforward, or Powerful Connection Styles

First, select the connection mode. Nexla’s API templates range from fully pre-packaged for simply inputting credentials for a specific API type (Facebook Ads API, Shopify, etc.) to fully customizable for connecting to any API with any authentication and configuration (for example, APIs developed internally for your company). Let’s look closer at the advanced template to see the range of configuration options available.

Connect to the API

The first step to accessing any API is adding access credentials. Nexla supports any authentication type for REST and SOAP APIs – OAUTH1, OAUTH2, even refreshing token-based authentication.

Simply input your information like URLs, username, password, and token refresh settings if needed, and save the credential. These credentials can then be reused over and over and shared with coworkers so they don’t need to repeat the process or see sensitive data like passwords. After setup or being granted access, just click on the API credential to use it.

Any Configuration You Need

For the simplest call, set your API URL, click Test to view sample records, and stop there. For anything more, Nexla has every tool you need to set up a configuration quickly and correctly.

Call any saved lookups or macros you’ve created in any API, making it straightforward to get the specific data you need, such as calling from a specific list of customer IDs, always getting the last week of data, or getting the current list of orders from a dynamic lookup. See your previewed output on the right and quickly get the perfect data output.

Set any pagination rules by simply including the parameter in the URL call you set. Nexla supports all standard pagination methods.

Easily create multi-step API responses by chaining API calls and responses together through calling subsequent responses in different URLs. This is particularly useful to keep track of complicated calls that are fed back into different APIs and quickly build a chain without manual loops.

Once you’re happy with the configuration, Nexla will save and apply the same rules to check the API for new data at the interval you set. This ensures you always have the most up-to-date results, packaged in a neat data product we call a Nexset.

Transform and Send Nexsets to Destination

After configuring your API source to your liking, Nexla will automatically detect and create a Nexset that encapsulates a complete understanding of your API data. Any new data with a similar schema will be added to this same flow. With this discovered Nexset, transform, share, collaborate, and send data anywhere.

Nexla supports sending data to databases, warehouses, streams, SaaS services, applications, and even email and real-time webhooks. Simply select your destination from any of Nexla’s pre-configured connectors and your transformed, prepped, and cleaned API data will begin flowing.


At Nexla we’ve built an API connector to make it easy to connect data from any API you create or use – again and again. Each flow is easily configurable with no-code tools and can be set up from source to destination in minutes. For custom connections, internal use, and easy sharing with partner developers, a simple but powerful interface for API data flows saves time and effort while protecting sensitive data.

Want to learn more or try it out for yourself? Request a demo and free trial today.

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