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Build data flows to and from any system, at any speed

“Nexla makes sharing data between companies, in any format, really easy.” 
Brandon Leonardo
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“We were able to take a lengthy 3-month engagement and onboarding period for data integrations and cut it down to 1.5 months with Nexla.”
Xun Wang
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“With Nexla, we are able to query data in a much more scalable and manageable perspective, increasing our insights delivery efficiency by 10X.”
Kyle Martin
Head of Data Management & Analytics Platform
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Build any data flow in Nexla

Create flexible, automated data flows that get your data where it needs to be consistently

Build Bi-Directional Data Flows

Operational data needs real-time or near-real-time processing, while for analytical data, batch-based processing is performed. Bidirectional data flows can help eliminate data sprawl. Using data flows, records can be requested at any time after a flow is built.

Self-Service Data Flows for Everyone

Data flows can be automated based on each endpoint. If a business leader wants to view customer data from the last week, they can do so without manually extracting the data and pipelining it through the process by using data flows. A low-code/no-code data flow reduces the required build time and enables inspection of the output.

Data Flows Enable Governance and Access Controls

Data flows create improved data governance. Bidirectional connectors enable users to use data as required, rather than creating copies of data to improve processing speeds. Access can be measured and controlled based on users and requirements without any extra layers of authentication.

Bi-Directional Connectors for Every Data Flow

Nexla connectors are configured, not coded, so they can be added in a fraction of the time of other tools. Unlimited connectors make it possible to build any data flow in Nexla from difficult custom systems to standard data warehouses.

Data Flow vs. Data Pipeline

Data flows are superior methods of moving and connecting data across systems, and have become best practice over traditional data pipelines.

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Data Products: The Universal Connectors Behind Every Data Flow

Nexla data products are what make it possible to build any data flow, from any data format or system to any data system at any speed. Data products make it easy to understand and collaborate across data flows and users.

Build Data Flows with Nexla